Portfolio - Daniel Chen Photography
155 north wacker drive abstract anish kapoor aqua tower architecture as time goes by autumn bear lake black white black white photography bloom bloomingdale's blue blue hour blur bokeh bridge budding building buildings ca california chicago chicago river chicago theatre cityscape classic classic chicago cloud gate clouds colorado colors colors of the night contemporary deconstructivism distorted downtown downtown chicago dusable bridge early morning estes park fall fall colors flora floral flowers fog frank gehry frozen fullerton fullerton beach garden harbor island drive hope iconic chicago illinois jetty john hancock building john hancock observatory john hancock view kohler la la philharmonic lake lake michigan lake point tower lake shore drive lakefront lakeshore landscape landscape photography leaf light trails lighthouse lights liquid liquid mercury log exposure photography long exposure long exposure photography loop los angeles magnificent mile marina city medinah temple mercurial metal michigan avenue millennium park modern modern art monochrome mood morning mountains moving clouds museum campus nature neon lights nigh photography night night lights night photography open orange orchestra photography pier rebirth reflection reflections river north riverwalk rocky mountain national park san diego san diego skyline scenic chicago sculpture selective focus shapes sheboygan sheboygan breakwater lighthouse silhouette silver sky skyline skyscraper skyscrapers solitude south pier spring state street steel streaking lights sunrise sunset the bean the loop tourist attraction travel tribune tower trump tower universal studios hollywood urban urban decay violet wacker drive walt disney concert hall warmth water wide angle willis tower wisconsin