Photography - Daniel Chen Photography
10 stop filter 155 north wacker drive 4th of july bbq 55250mm 5th avenue 85mm f1.8 900 north 900 north michigan 900 north michigan avenue 9094 expressway abstract addiction addiction seafood development aged alaskan king crab alien american club american cuisine amphitheater anchor antique apartments appetizer aqua aqua tower architectural architecture arctic char art deco artichokes asia atlanta autumn avian azalea baby octopus backlight backlit backyard balsamic vinegar baltimore bar barn baseball basil bbq beach bear lake beaten path beets bench bender bertrand goldberg big apple big bar big star billboards bird bird house black background black white black white photography blackwolf run bloom bloomingdale's blue blue crabs blue harbor resort blue hour blue ribbon blue skies blur boat tour bokeh bouquet bourbon bourbon county bourbon trail braised braised oxtail branch breakwater bricks bridge brise soleil broken brookfield brookfield zoo brooklyn brooklyn bridge brutalist architecture bubblehead bubbler bubbles bucatiniguanciale buckhead budding building buildings busee woods butterfly bw ca cabin cactus cafe spiaggia caffeine cage homes calabrian peppers calamari california calm calm waters camera campus canon caper almond pesto caprese salad caramel caramels castle celery root central hong kong chamomile chapel chelsea market cherry blossom chicago chicago avenue chicago botanic garden chicago landmark chicago noir chicago river chicago theatre chicago tribune building chicken man children chimney stacks china chinese cuisine chinese door signs chocolate chocolate ice cream chocolate sauce chocolate shake chocolate tart chocolates christmas christmas lights christmas tree church churros cincinnati circular polarizer citrus city city of angels cityscape cleaning click cliff cliffs climb cloud gate clouds cloudy cn tower coast coconut tapioca pirouettes coffee coffee bar color colorado colorful colors colors of the night colors of the sky columbine concrete congestion consumerism contemporary contemporary design contrast controne pepper convention center copper corn cob buildings corn cob towers corridor courtyard crayola crayons crossing crowded crowding crowds crème brûlée cubs cuisine cured egg currants curves daisies daisy dance dandelion dark chocolate dated david burke's primehouse david's tea dawn daylily decay deconstructivism decoration decorations delicate design dessert details dilapidated dining distillery diversey harbor donuts door door county downtown downtown chicago downtown l.a. draw bridge dreams dried fish drink duck dusable bridge dust dyson early morning east river echo lake empire state building entrance entree escolar espresso estes park expressway fabulous fox facade fall fall colors fall foliage fallen falliage fast fast moving fauna feathers fennel ferris wheel field of flowers fiery film financial district fine art fine art photography fine dining fingerling potatoes fish fish taco fishing flags flare flash photography flatiron building flora floral flower flower photography flowers fluff focal point focus fog foie gras foliage folliage food food photography foodie forest fortune fox theatre frank gehry frank lloyd wright freedom tower fregola freight french frigid frozen full moon fullerton fullerton beach ganache garden garden ganache garnishes gate georgia getty center glass glow goat cheese golden golf course google anniversary photowalk gothic gourmet graffiti grant park green griffith observatory griffith park griffith park trail grill grilled cheese sandwich grilled garlic hot pepper shrimp growth guggenheim harbor harbor island drive harrodsburg harvest heirloom tomatoes hide seek high alpine lake high elevation high line high rise highway highway 101 hiking hilltop hippo historic hk holeman finch holiday cuisine holidays hollywood hollywood bowl hollywood bowl outlook hong kong hong kong harbour hong kong island hope horizon hors d'oeuvre horse plow hot hot pot hotel lobby house house cured sardines housing hutch hutchinson commons hyatt regency hyde park ice iconic chicago ikura il il frozen illinois indiana indianapolis interior ippudo ny italian italian cuisine italian restaurant itasca ithasca itto sushi japanese cuisine japanese restaurant jasmine jazz jeangeorges vongerichten jefferson memorial jellyfish jetty joby john hancock building john hancock tower john michael kohler arts center kentucky kettle moraine state park knight koher kohler kohler botanical garden kohler chocolates kohler gardens la la jolla la philharmonic la queue de boeuf la sardine lake lake front lake michigan lake ontario lake point tower lakefront lakeshore lakeview landscape landscape photography lawn leaf leaves lego legos les fleurs du chocolate lexington library light light trails lighthouse lights lilac lines links lion liquid photography local eats locks log exposure photography long exposure long exposure photography loop los angeles love never fails lower manhattan lox lubina lula cafe mac cheese macro macro photography magnificent mile magnolia main campus maitake maker's mark mall malted milk chocolate mousse on peanut butter crunch manhattan manhattan bridge manitowoc marilyn monroe marina marina city market maryland mccormick place medinah temple memorial mercurial metal michigan avenue midtown millennium park milwaukee milwaukee art museum milwaukee river milwaukee zoo minneapolis minnehaha falls minnehaha park minnesota mint mirror mist misto di mare mn modern modern art monkey monochromatic monochrome montgomery ward company montgomery ward company complex monument circle mood moody moon moon rising moonlight morning morning dew morning glory morrison morton arboretum moss motion mount austin mount evans mount evans scenic byway mountain mountains moving moving clouds mozzarella mulholland drive multnomah falls museum museum campus museum of science industry myst mystic mystical naperville downtown national historic landmark nature navy pier neon lights nespresso new beginnings new growth new york new york public library newport newspaper stand nigh photography night night lights night photography nigiri north avenue beach north point beach nyc oak park observatory ocean office office buildings ohio ohio river old plank road trail ominous ontario open optimism orange orchestra oregon organ organic ornate out of focus outdoors music oxtail pacific pacific northwest pacific ocean palm trees pan roast panorama panoramic park parnell tower pasta pastoral path peacock pecans pecorino romano penpals pens percy perspective petals photography photoraphy photowalk piattini picnic pier pimento cheese pink pink flowers pipe organ placid plain pnw polarizer polson pier skyline pond pondering pop art porcini mushroom pork belly pork buns pork shoulder portland posted notes potato gnocchi power plant promontory point public pumpkin pumpkins purple quad quads quaint railing rain raisin fennel bread raw rebirth reception red red rock amphitheater red rocks park red skies red wine reflection reflections regenstein library renewals restaurant river river city river north river walk riverfront riverwalk rmnp road robie house rockefeller center rockefeller chapel rocks rocky mountain national park rolls rose rotunda ruby trout rule of thirds rupp arena rural sail boat salmon san diego san diego skyline san marzano santa monica sardine scallops scenic scenic chicago schaumburg sea bass seafood seared seasons secondi selective focus sepia serenity shadows shaker village settlement shapes sheboygan sheboygan breakwater lighthouse sheboygan county sheboygan falls sheboygan river shedd aquarium shine shopping shore shoreline shrimp sign signs silhouette silver sister bay skewers sky skycraper skycrapers skyline skyne skyscaper skyscraper skyscrapers smoke snow snowfall so kon po sofitel water tower soft soho soldiers' sailors' monument solitude sooc south loop south pier sparkle sparkles spiraling splash spring spring onions sprout squash squash blossoms squash gratin st. mark united methodist church stacks stadium staircase stamens state street steamed stephen a. schwarzman building sticky notes stillness store stores storm streaking lights stream street photography streets of new york striking summer summit lake sun sun rise sunchokes sunlight sunrise sunset sunset cliffs natural park surburbia surreal sushi suspension bridge sweet swirl swirling symmetry t70 taco al pastor taco de panza tai o fishing village taipei talon vineyard talon wineyard tea thanksgiving the american club the bean the loop the peak the reg the vessel thomas the engine tidal basin tilt times times square tobiko tomatoes top of the rock toronto tower towering toys tracks traffic trail trail ridge trail ridge road train tram transition transparency transparent transportation travel tree treelined trees tribeca rooftop tribune tower tripod trota truffles trump tower tshirts tulip tulips tuna tundra turquoise tuscan beans twilight twin spiral staircase u.s. national historic landmark u.s. national registry of historic places umbrella uncertainty unfurl uni uniqlo universal studios hollywood university of chicago uplifting upwards urban uss chicago vacuum vanishing veal sweetbreads victoria peak victorian vignette vineyard vintage violet volleyball vosges haut chocolat w hotel wacker drive wagon wall street walt disney concert hall warhol warmth washington dc washington memorial water water fountain water tower place waterfall waterfront wave tower waves weather wedding westin whistling straits wi wide angle wild flowers wildflower wildflowers wildlife willis tower wind winding winding road window windows winery wink of the rabbit winter wisconsin wisconsin room witch wolf wooden bridge wreath wrigley building wrigley field wrigleyville xoco yellow yellow alpine wildflowers yellow peppers yellow plums yellowtail zaha hadid zebra longwing butterfly zen zucchini 上引水產 鴛鴦鍋